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Flames At Sunrise (Spain) Sign A Publishing Deal With Wormholede

Psychoid: Studio Report "Thrash Impact"

Psychoid "Thrash Impact" NEW Album

LAMORI Release "Until Death (Do Us Part)" Official Video

Highly-talented Finnish THE HYPOTHESIS released a new single!

Among The Prey released a new single “One Last Breath”

Desolate Pathway - "Valley of the King" Re-release Date Announced and "Desolate Pathway" Official Lyric Video Out!

Release "Liquidators" new EP of Lebowskii

Atmospheric black metal band Wyrmwoods released their debut album!

Finnish death/trash metallers Khiral released their first full lenght album

Meltdown: New Single "Diamonds (Rihanna Metal Cover)"

The Way Of Purity Release New Single "11"

Right To The Void - Official Video For "Lines" On VEVO!

IAMSIN to release debut album, music video out now!

Dauthuz (The Netherlands) Sign With Wormholedeath

ODDHUMS: Band released a new single 'Proselytes'

THIS IS TIGHT! Finnish alternative death metal band CARNALATION released a new single with video

Disclarity: Band released new turbo-charged single "Ghosts"

Zephyra: Band returns with a new single 'The Darkest Black'

Rough Grind: released a new single

Devilish Impressions: “The I” Video Premiere

Ten: Unleashes new album "Gothica"

Finnish melancholic metallers Nicumo release second single off their upcoming album!

Selfmachine confirmed at "Metaldays Festival" 

SKEIN signs to Inverse Records

Return To Void released their debut album 

Damnation Plan releases a new music video 'Rise Of The Messenger'

Aftermoon - Official Video "Cold"

Nemecic: New single and lyric video, debut album out in autumn

Charm Designer released a new music video for Never After!

Words That Burn - "Mirror Perfect Mannequin" Official Video

Justice Theory released new single "Welcome The The Family"

Finnish metal group Noumena releases new album “Myrrys” in April, new song out now

Nighon released a new video with a strong message!

Ephemerald: Meet the new band and check your first work "I Bear Fire"

A New Drummer For French Metallers Right To The Void

Damnation Plan releases DIO cover as a second single from their upcoming album

Pimea Metsa "Attack of Einherjar" Exclusive Audio Track

Skeletal released their debut album "Dreadful Life"

SELFMACHINE - New Album "Societal Arcade" Coming Out Soon!

Danish NORÐ to release debut EP Alpha in March 3rd 2017!

Fankaz "Seities" Release Dates Announced

Ancara releases new album "Garden Of Chains"

Ithilien Official Video "Blindfolded" Out Now!

Carnalation Is Back With A New Single "Dance Of Disorder!

The Hypothesis has entered to studio with the drummer of the Stratovarius

Detroit's dark music machine Hate Unbound to release album in February!

Moonstrux - Malice

Code For Silence - One Apart From Life

Ashestoashes - Official Video "Once Upone A Time"

Bloodride's Planet Alcatraz music video online!

Arsenic Unbirthday "Another Sin To Hide" Official Video

Sercati Release New Video And Announce Their Upcoming Book!

Black / Grind Metal KRATORNAS Posts Album Preview 'Devoured By Damnation'

Pimeä Metsä Sign With Wormholedeath!

Worstenemy (Italy) Enter Studio!

Finnish thrash metal quintet Bloodride released their third album today!

Ithilien (Belgium) Sign With Wormholedeath!

Beating Dead Meat to release second album in December, first single out now!

Finnish fuzz rock band Zombie Rodeo released an EP today!

Kaos Krew releases new single "End My Pride"

Finnish metal band Pohjoisen soturit released their debut album today!

Invisible Mirror sign with Worm Hole Death

  Callidice - Scarlet

HMS Keelhaul - Anchord

Dead End Finland - Slaves To The Greed

Altered Shade Sign With Wormholedeath

Aftermoon Announce "Phase One Tour 2016

A Finnish melodic heavy rock band Dark Clarity released an EP today!

Pohjoisen soturit - Oksat pois... ja osa latvuksista - Release

Shadecrown's debut album Agonia out now, new lyric video released!

MALDOROR: artwork, audio preview and exclusive merch for “In Saturne Mystique” reissue

Bloodride - Planet Alcatraz check the new album

Exploding Head Syndrome (Norway) Sign With Wormholedeath!

Inflikted "Sineater" EP Out Today

MALDOROR: collaboration with Rude Awakening Records

Levania - New Single & Official Video "Memory" 

O.C. Rock Trio Premieres 'On Our Knees' Video

Masquera Di Ferro (Greece) Sign With Wormholedeath!

Promo Invitation: Eufori (Swedish DSBM with Post-Punk, Depressive Rock influence)

Promo Invitation: SIN OF GOD (Hungarian Death Metal)

Sercati's New Official Video "The Anesthetist" Out! 

(Special)Interview: Marcus Dotta talks about playing with Warrel Dane and more

Selfmachine Sign With Pimp (Management) And Re-Sign With Wormholedeath!

(Special)Interview: Marcelo Mictian talks about the new band

Atropas And Words That Burn's European Tour Press Announcement!

Note: Misconducters provides unreleased track

International Interview: Dave Ingram talks about Nefasturris’ upcoming album and more

News: Giant Gutter From Outer Space - "Joy and Misery"

Dunkelnacht "Ritualz Of The Occult" EP- Digital Release Date Announced!

Lightless Moor “Hymn for the Fallen” out now and new lyric video!

Elegy Of Madness Re-Sign With Wormholedeath And Enter Studio During August

Words That Burn - Official Video Out NOW!

Know Your Nemesis new video preview for "Break the Chain"!

Note:[Rock Space] Loreley rock band announces (only English) 

HARDREAMS: Biography,know the history of the band

News: HAGBARD is getting prepared to release their 2nd studio album "Vortex to an Iron Age"

Meeting: Alma Sacra Project - Opera Rock

Meeting: HARDREAMS,from Barcelona and your new album Countdown Time

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