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Sapata has released it's debut album ”Satanibator” - Music video ”Sex Magik” is an occultic praise to eroticism

Finnish doom rock act Sapata has released debut album ”Satanibator”


Sapata's heavy grooving compositions and strong magikal vocals create hypnotic world full of melancholy and mysticism. Sapata was founded in Tampere Finland 2014. Debut album ”Satanibator” was recorded at Suomenlinna studios with producer Markku Syrjälä in May 2016. And it's released today June 2nd 2017 via Inverse Records.
Sapata comments the music video ”Sex Magik” from Satanibator:
”Sex Magik became a song that is an occultic ritual to heretic but same time divine love. With Sex Magic one can achieve a divine state of mind – superior erotic love.”


Sex Magik was selected on third position on Finnish ”Occultism & Eroticism” -cultural projects song contest.
Sapata: Saara Šamane, TT Suosalo, Felix Voltti, Anttu Puutio

 Sex Magik music video at Youtube:

From Inverse Records

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