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Damnation Plan releases a new music video 'Rise Of The Messenger'

Finnish progressive melodic death metallers Damnation Plan release a
music video of 'Rise Of The Messenger' off their new album 'Reality
Illusion' released March 10 2017 via Inverse Records!

Watch 'RISE OF THE MESSENGER' music video here:

The band's songwriter-lyricist-drummer Jarkko Lunnas comments:
"The new album 'Reality Illusion' deals lyrically with some of the
most current and controversial topics of our modern world. This song
is an integral part of it and in particular is dedicated to all the
unsung heroes sacrificing themselves for the greater good."

The band's sophomore release has been catching raving reviews across
the metal medias including the Finnish metal magazine Inferno

stating "Reality Illusion is by far best melodically catchy
progressive metal coming from Finland in years!". The album was
mixed by Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Bloodbath, etc) at
Unisound Studios.

From Inverse Records

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