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Meet:Degenerate a thrash/death metal hybrid band

The musical career of songwriter, musician and producer Rens H. started about ten years ago when he founded Memorial and began as the lead singer and guitar player for this band. With Memorial he released a self-titled demo in 2008 and played regularly in local clubs in the Amsterdam area. After Memorial broke up in 2010, Rens H. worked as a roadie, merchandise seller and stand-in guitar player for Last Fear, another respected Dutch underground metal act form The Netherlands. In the meantime, Rens H. never lost the passion for writing music and is always determined to expand his musical capabilities. This is the exact reason why Rens H. decided to record some of his own songs in early 2015.

In a search for additional musicians, Rens H. met Dutch metal drummer Melle Kramer (ex. Obsidian, Industrial Passage and present Dauthuz). He is well-known for his technical and aggressive style of playing and is inspired by bands such as Cynic, Devin Townsend, Messhuggah, Gordian Knot and Death. It was not long before Rens realized that Melle was the ideal drummer to bring his vision
to life. After ideas were exchanged, both musicians became excited about a possible collaboration and after a jam session they decided to join forces in what now is known as Degenerate.

When the drum recordings were done in the summer of 2015, Rens H. did the rest of the arrangements and production by himself. The result of the partnership between Rens H. and Melle Kramer is the first record of Degenerate and it is called “Demo 2016”. This first EP contains four pounding thrash metal songs all of which are available free of charge through the major streaming services.

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