quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016

Sercati Release New Video And Announce Their Upcoming Book!


Melodic black metal act Sercati are proud to announce the release of their new video "The Nightstalker (Toys Box Version)". It's a new version of the song "The Nightstalker", taken from their first release "Tales of the Fallen Part 1".

"The Nightstalker (Toys Box Version)"

Director : Michel Garsou - Yannick Martin
Actor - Nicholas Gobron
Based on a character created by Steve Fabry
Sound design : Steve Fabry

The Story:
"The Nightstalker discover a toy box and when he plays it
some memories comes back in his head"

The Book

Sercati are also proud to announce that Steve just signed with "Le Monde des Etoiles Editions" (Belgian Book Editor) for the release of his first book. The book tells the Nightstalker story of the first album, the second album and the EP of Sercati throught the eyes of the hero. It will be out in Fall 2017. 


Sercati sign a new endorsement deal!


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