quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2016

Code For Silence - One Apart From Life

Finnish action metallers / melodic death metallers Code For Silence has released a new single "One Apart From Life".
Code For Silence is also preparing their upcoming third full length album with the new line-up that's first time presented in this new single. The most significant change in the line-up is that former singer Antti Ström has stepped out and the new singer is Markus Taipale.

Previously Code For Silence has released two full length
albums: D.ecaying M.atter/O.rganic N.emesis (2009, Off Records Finland) ja Eyes World shut (2012, Inverse Records).


Code For Silence:
Taipale - Vocals
Kaikkonen - Vocals
Liekkala - Guitar/Prog.
Luukkonen - Guitar
Komi - Keyboards
Kattainen - Bass
Saari - Drums

Listen the dingle on Youtube (lyric video):

From Inverse Records 

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