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Exploding Head Syndrome (Norway) Sign With Wormholedeath!

We are proud to announce that Norwegian hardcore combo Exploding Head Syndrome signed a deal for the worldwide release of their new album "World Crashes Down" with Wormholedeath Records.
Official Release Date: November the 4th via Aural / Wormholedeath / The Orchard (more detailed info coming soon).

EHS statement:
"Exploding Head Syndrome are proud to announce our signing with Wormholedeath Records for the worldwide release of our next album, World Crashes Down. The album was recorded in Italy at Mathlab Recording Studios with producer Jonathan Mazzeo during the summer of 2016, and will be out November 4. 2016."

Exploding Head Syndrome "Wasting Away"(Album Preview) 

World Crashes Down"
1. Wasting Away
2. World Crashes Down
3. Walk Alone
4. The Fine Line Between Hardcore and Hipster
5. Of Sanity and Dignity
6. Happy
7. Invincible
8. Fun and Regrets
9. Moving On
10. End Game


The idea of starting a punk band in the age of thirty is kind of ridiculous, but nevertheless Exploding Head Syndrome was formed by childhood friends Eirik and Morten in the winter of 2010. A few months later the band was complete when Bjørnar joined on bass, Lars on drums and Geir on guitar. The name for the band came about when Morten was browsing the web and found a weird sounding disease
called Exploding Head Syndrome. The band found the name to fitting for the kind of music they wanted to play. With the line up complete the band started writing songs for their first release; a seven track self-titled EP, which was released through Ampmanden Records in November 2011. They played their first show at Oslo's legendary rock venue Elm Street. The EP was well received and the band toured Norway, with a substitute on guitar when Geir was busy touring with Kaizers Orchestra. Later Remi joined the band as a permanent substitute, and is now a member of the band. In June 2013 Exploding Head Syndrome went back into the studio to record their first full-length album and on October 9th the same year the band released Disciples of Reason. The album got good reviews and Exploding Head Syndrome was hailed as "one of the most exciting new Norwegian bands" by Norway's leading radio show for hard-rock music. In the summer of 2015 tragedy hit EHS when bassist Bjørnar died. The band honored their already booked dates, but went on hiatus after while still writing new music. The search for a bassist came to an end when Håvard joined the band in early 2016 while Geir moved to Copenhagen, thus leaving the band. Exploding Head Syndrome signed a record deal with Wormhole Death Records and went to record their next album, World Crashes Down, at Mathlab Recording Studio in Montale, Italy over three weeks in June and July 2016. In August the record was finished, and is set to be released world wide on November 4. The album blends the energy from hardcore, the attitude from punk and the grooves of rock 'n' roll.

“Everything about their sound is injected with high doses of pure energy..”

“..become immediate followers of EHS without any other reason apart from THIS IS FREAKING BADASS.”

Exploding Head Syndrome (Norway) firmano con Wormholedeath!

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che i norvegesi Exploding Head Syndrome (Hardcore) hanno firmato con Wormholedeath un contratto di pubblicazione e distribuzione per il loro nuovissimo album "World Crashes Down".
Data di uscita : 4 Novembre via Aural / Wormholedeath / The Orchard.

E possibile ascoltare la preview dell'album al seguente link:

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