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(Special)Interview: Marcus Dotta talks about playing with Warrel Dane and more

Marcus Dotta, born in Brazil, is currently the drummer of Warrel Dane’s (Nevermore/Sanctuary) solo project, although he also plays – and has played – in various Brazilian bands like Seventh Seal, Skin Culture, Hatematter, among others. He also has two ongoing projects in addition to Warrel’s, called Soulhost and O.S.P. Both will have CDs released very soon.


FMBR: Why did you choose music? Why become a drummer?

M. Dotta: Music came relatively late for me. I started to play drums when I was 15 years old (I'm 31 now). Before that I was (and still am) in love with military aviation and would like to have been a pilot, but at the same time, as any ‘natural born drummer’, I’d always hit any surface available to try and follow the beat of any music I’d be listening to. When I started to have contact with rock and metal at the age of 13-14 it became very clear what would be the path to follow. 

FMBR: What are your influences? What's your favourite album or band?

M. Dotta:
My main influence as drummer is Uli Kusch, who played in Helloween in the nineties. He recorded Better than Raw with them, the album I listened to the most in my life. Currently there are several drummers that certainly inspire my playing, like Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Tomas Haake (Meshuggah) and Aquiles Priester (Torture Squad) – whom I worked with for a while.

FMBR: Do you currently feel that you have accomplished your goals or are there more to be achieved?

M. Dotta:
I think a musician is never 100% satisfied, but I was able to do things I never would have thought I would ten years ago. Like this thing with Warrel Dane. Nevermore is one of my favourite bands ever. To be able to play the songs I've heard so much when I was younger with Warrel himself, here in Brazil and in other countries, still feel surreal to me. In 2006 I played in this band and we got a support slot for a Nevermore gig in Brazil, which was cool, and now I play with
Warrel. I’ve had some achievements, but there’s still a lot more to come.

FMBR: What's your main goal today?

M. Dotta: It’s to record Warrel’s new solo album and then tour extensively to promote it. We have a lot of stuff being scheduled for this year and the next too!

FMBR: What motivates you?

M. Dotta: To continue making a living out of music, progressing at what I do. To be able to do that in Brazil is already a privilege. So, I keep myself motivated by getting to live the way I like.

FMBR: What do you think of the rock/metal scene in Brazil today?

M. Dotta: I think there is still a lot of amateurism, although the bands are increasingly assuming a more professional stance. But I don't think they are indeed professionals, in the true sense of the word, because there isn’t a market for the vast majority of the bands here, really. There is no money being made, proper labels or tours for Brazilian bands, is, all the necessary structure to make the thing happen. In Europe, heavy music is not mainstream, but there is public to consume it. Here, in addition to not being mainstream, everything is more
marginalized due to the musical culture of our country, the lack of musical education of the children, expensive musical instruments, poor logistics, anyway, the bands struggle so much to just keep playing that they hardly manage to get to the point of becoming professional.

FMBR: If you had the chance to play in a certain band or work with someone, who would it be?

M. Dotta: I would love to have Uli Kusch producing something I record in the future. I know he's done this kind of work before.

FMBR: Força Metal BR thanks you for the time taken to kindly answer these questions and wishes you all the best!

M. Dotta: Thanks for your everlasting support, Laíse. Keep supporting anyone who makes serious music in this country. See you on the road! 

Interview by Laíse
Translation and adaptation by Denfire (Misconducters)

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