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(Special)Interview: Marcelo Mictian talks about the new band

AFFRONT is a thrash/death metal band from Rio de Janeiro, formed in April 2016 by Marcelo Mictian (former bassist of black metal band UNEARTHLY). They are now producing their debut album. Line up: M. Mictian (bass & vocals) R. Rassan (guitars) Jedy Najay (drums).
FMBR: How did the idea to form this band come about?

M. Mictian: We're musicians and our purpose in life is to play, write and perform music. This is what we live for.

FMBR: It’s common knowledge that keeping an extreme metal band in Brazil is very difficult, so why did you decide to start a new project?

M. Mictian:
Our old band had to cease activities due to the singer’s health issues, so I decided not to stand by and, since I already had this project in mind, I decided it was time to put it into practice. 

FMBR: Are there any similarities between Unearthly and Affront?

M. Mictian: No, one band has nothing to do with another, the music is quite different; Affront plays thrash/death metal whilst Unearthly was a black metal band. Well, I used to play bass in Unearthly and R. Rassan was its guitarist, but that’s as far as it goes.  

FMBR: Talk more about what influences Affront’s sound.

M. Mictian: The main ingredient is metal, that’s what we like to listen to. Social injustice, politics, this miserable life, it all influences us. We like bands like Sepultura, Napalm Death,

Kreator, Fight, thrash metal and death metal in general. 

FMBR: Do you write all your music?

M. Mictian: Yes, we don’t buy other people’s songs (laughs). I’m responsible for creating both the music and the lyrics, then it’s up to R. Rassan to build the arrangements.

FMBR: What do you think about bands selling music online and how do you feel about illegal downloads?

M. Mictian:
I think almost everything in this world is like a "double-edged sword"; if it’s done the right way it becomes a beneficial thing. The problem is that, after a couple of decades, it seems that the kids prefer to download the songs rather than to hold the physical copy of the album on their hands. The idea of having a good collection on their
shelves is being replaced by storing mp3 in a hard drive, so that romanticized aspect of collecting music is fading away, unfortunately.  

FMBR: What’s next for Affront?

M. Mictian: Our goal is to always be on a stage. There’s a video clip coming up soon and after releasing the CD we will hit the road, which is where we belong. We’re already booking dates even though we know the structure in Brazil is a bit precarious. We’re aiming towards Europe next year anyway. 

FMBR: Thank you so much for participating in the Força Metal BR and feel free to leave a message for the fans of your work:

M. Mictian: Thanks for the space,we want all fans of Thrash Metal on the road, “We are Together”!

Interview by Laíse Moreira S.

Translate by Denfire (Misconducters)

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