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The Hypothesis has entered to studio with the drummer of the Stratovarius


After releasing their succesful melodic death metal debut album in May 2016 The Hypothesis is now making some line changes. The drummer Waltteri Väyrynen will focus in his main band PARADISE LOST and The Hypothesis has added a new drummer, Rolf Pilve from STRATOVARIUS. 

There is no drama involved with the line change. The Hypothesis frontman Juuso Turkki comments:

"Waltteri is and always will be a friend of ours and we will share the stage again someday!"

The new drummer Rolf Pilve comments:

"I am so glad to be a part of The Hypothesis! Juuso is an old friend of mine and the collaboration with him and the guys of The Hypothesis has always been fantastic!"

The band has already set their foot into the studio to record
new material.

Listen the debut album 'ORIGIN' in Spotify:

Video on Youtube:


Antti Seppälä - vocals
Juuso Turkki - guitar & backing vocals
Asko Sartanen - guitar
Markku 'Neissu' Ruuskanen - bass
Rolf Pilve - drums


From Inverse Records

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