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Degenerate:Release DEMO 2016,check!

Degenerate “DEMO 2016” - the first EP from the Amsterdam duo featuring Rens H. (ex. Memorial, Inner Death) & Melle Kramer (ex. Obsidian, Industrial Passage and present Dauthuz) out now.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 12, 2017 - Degenerate is pleased to announce the worldwide release of its debut EP, titled “Demo 2016”.

Degenerate is a collaboration between Dutch songwriter, musician, producer Rens H. and drummer Melle Kramer of Obsidian, Industrial Passage and Dauthuz. The partnership was put together by Rens H. with a vision to unleash a modern thrash/death metal hybrid. The unique combination of challenging guitar riffs and technical drumming creates a sound of yesteryear and will bring back memories of 80’s style thrash metal, without excluding modern metal heads. Demo 2016” contains four well-crafted songs that take the listener on a trip down memory lane. Degenerate will appeal to fans of Max Cavalera-era Sepultura, Children Of Bodom, Unearth and Testament.

“Because of my years of experience in the Dutch metal scene, I met a lot of good and competent musicians. Unfortunately, I never felt that they were suitable for the project that I had in mind. After I met Melle, I immediately knew that I found the right drummer for the job. His technical  and ferocious drumming do raise the songs to a
level that I did not even dare to dream of ”, said Rens H.

“Demo 2016” is just another unmissable EP for the thrash metal crowd. Enjoy the lyric video here.

‘’Demo 2016’’ tracklisting includes: Gaia’s Vice; Dead Set; Half Life; Lizzy.

Degenerate is:

Rens H. - Guitars, lyrics, vocals and music.

Melle K. - Drums and lyrics.
Machiel B. - co lyricist of Gaia’s Vice and Half Life and provides backing vocals.

Media coverage about Degenerate:

Degenerate’s debut EP is solidly sharp, and it should amass these new Dutch modernites a good amount of well-warranted attention”, Criterion of Metal, USA

If you like your music heavy, you must grab a copy of‘’ Demo 2016’’. It’s traditional thrash metal, which I’m sure fans of Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax, will love.”, Rock And Roll, USA

Dead Set is a thrashy song, but at the same time it has that Unearth sound. But it also has melody, like the later work of Kreator, Phantom Antichrist,” The Abyssal Archivist, USA

Lizzy, conversely, has heavier sections but throughout has a great refrain from the lead guitar which brings to mind some of Metallica’s better material from the Fade To Black era”,
Moshville, United Kingdom

The quality of the instrumental parts is almost on a Nuclear Blast / Century Media level”, ZwareMetalen.com, The Netherlands

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