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Pimeä Metsä Sign With Wormholedeath!

We are proud to announce that Pimeä Metsä (Viking/Folk Metal from Spain) have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their album "No Blood, No Glory".   

"No Blood, No Glory"

01.- Hávamál (intro)
02.- Viking’s Creed
03.- Thunder God
04.- Nothing Can Stop Our Strike
05.- Einherjer
06.- Berserker
07.- Grendel (Beowulf’s chant I)
08.- Call to Arms
09.- Alba Gu Brath (instrumental)
10.- Cry for Freedom

Digital release date: 23 December 2016 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
U.S.A:  27 January 2017  (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
Europe: 27 January 2017 (Aural Music Group)
Japan: 22 February 2017 (Wormholedeath Japan /Disk Union Distribution)


The musical project Pimeä Metsä (finnish for “Dark Forest”) begins in Madrid, on a 2006 December’s night. Surrounded by beer and friends, the idea of founding a northern Viking/folk metal band grew up strongly. On February 2007, David (guitar), Juan (bass) and Miguel (keyboard) started playing and composing their first pieces. As thrill and expectations grew up, they felt it was time to look for new colleagues to share their exciting adventure. While they were trying to find new members, Juan had to leave the band due to his studies. During those months, PimeäMetsä was lucky to have met great musicians and friends like Vladimir, Dima, Ernesto or Antonio (bass players), Alex (vocalist) or Domingo and Laura (drummers). The current line-up starts working on July 2008, when Ángel arrived to the band as singer. The same year, in autumn, Hugo and Pablo joined Pimeä Metsä
crew to take charge of lead guitar and drums, respectively. Finally, at the end of 2009, Juanto started playing his role at the bass. And the clan of the dark forest was completed. Then, with newest incorporations playing their role, the band made its debut on 23rd January 2009 in Silikona (Madrid) for more than 170 people. Along this year, Pimeä Metsä gave other shows with Ernesto and Antonio (a good friend of David and Miguel) as live bass players. Finally, Juanto was brought in as resident bass player and gave his first show with them in Sala Live (Madrid). Band’s energetic shows and surprising staging gave them a good growing reputation. Months latter, the clan decided to record a demo CD. So then, “Beneath the northern lights” appears as home-made demo on February 2010 (with a little help of Dani from Canalla Records making the final mix). Thanks to this, the name of the band began to sound strongly throughout the media, getting good critics of the demo and giving the chance of sharing stage with big bands like Kathaarsys (May 2011), Arkona (June 2011, in their first visit to Spain), Korpiklaani and Trollfest (April 2012) or Fangorn (August 2013). With a name that was known increasingly and the support of friends and fans, on4th March 2013  Pimeä Metsä entered to the studio. The recording seasons for their first full-length had begun. This self-released album was recorded and mixed in New Life Studios (Madrid) by José Garrido and Daniel Melián (Angelus Apatrida, Arwen, Gauntlet, Unsouled, etc) and  mastered in Finnvox Studios (Helsinki) by Mika Jussila. After  some months of huge working, “Legacy of the Heathen North” was released in November 2013 as band’s first studio album, offering a high quality jump in production and a musical and compositional evolution. Throughout 2014 & 2015, they gave many shows to present this record alive, highlighting the nights they shared stage with Sovengar, Survael & Heid (October 2014), with Vikingore & Rugido (November 2014), or their participation on festivals like Winds of the North, (Zaragoza, March 2015), Heathen Myth (Madrid, April 2015) & On Fire Metal Fest (Albacete, June 2015), ending the year supporting Suidakra in their Spanish tour on September 2015. 2016 has been a year of arduous work; they have enclosed in the rehearsal room to shape and compose what is their second album. It has only been a concert that stands out above all: Pimeä Metsä’s participation on Leyendas del Rock Festival (August), where they shared the stage with some of the biggest bands of metal scene like Helloween, Stratovarius, Avantasia, Symphony X, Steel Panther, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, amon many others, with tremendous support from the audience and organization. The band entered the studio during September and October and, the result is an album called "NO BLOOD, NO GLORY", which is a step forward in the compositional plane, but without leaving their identity. Their sound has been enriched with a greater variety of nuances and more elaborate arrangements, increasing the speed and colour of the new pieces. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at THE METAL FACTORY STUDIOS, in Madrid, by Alex Cappa (who has worked with the most important Spanish metal bands like Hamlet, Skunk DF, Vita Imana, 037 / Leo, etc.).
“  We continue growing up as a clan, a family, to show the world that the heathen spirit of the ancient gods is still alive. Welcome to the dark forest… welcome to Pimeä Metsä. See you soon at our gigs. Until then… KEEP ON VIKING!!!”

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