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Callidice - Scarlet

Scarlet EP is the newest release from Finnish metal band Callidice. Scarlet offers heavy and melodic tunes with true Finnish melancholy, spiced up with ruff growls. The story of the album includes drama, melancholy, despair and just a little bit of hope. Callidice combines various aspects of metal music molding them into a masterpiece.

Callidice is a five-man band from Jyväskylä, Finland, formed in the winter of 2014. The first record Victims was released in August of 2015, including four energetic metal pieces. Thrilled about the good reviews, the band decided to push forward and write even better songs. Within the following
year, Callidice put together five new amazing songs, resulting in Scarlet.

Release date: August 21st 2016

Jarkko Liimatainen – Vocals
Tatu Latvala – Guitar
Samuli Rasmus – Bass & Vocals
Tero Latvala – Keyboard
Ville Jyrkkä – Drums

Previous release:
Victims (2015)




Callidice @Spotify


By Inverse Records

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